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What the Zelle®?

What the Zelle?

Author: Jared Gerlock, VP of IT

Recently, Farmers Bank announced that we’re now part of the Zelle Network! We are really excited about this, but you might be wondering: what does this mean? What’s in it for me? What the heck is Zelle®, anyway?

Zelle® is a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment service, which is a way for people to send each other money electronically. Zelle® is similar to other P2P services; however, there are some advantages to using Zelle®, compared with other methods of payment.

Zelle® is easy. Zelle® is conveniently located inside Farmers Bank Online Banking and the Farmers Bank Mobile app. No other websites or third-party apps are required to use Zelle®. Your Zelle® profile is linked to either your mobile phone number or your email address (your choice). When you’re ready to send (or request) a payment, all you need is someone’s name and their mobile phone number or email address.

Zelle® is fast. If you’re sending money to someone whose bank is also in the Zelle® network, they will receive the money in their bank account in minutes. Other P2P services hold on to your money until you request for those funds to be transferred to your bank account, and that transfer might take days. They might even charge a fee for that funds transfer. Not with Zelle®!

Zelle® is secure. Since Zelle® is located within Farmers Bank Online Banking and the Farmers Bank Mobile app, the security built into those systems also applies to your Zelle®payments. Unlike with personal checks, your account information (including your home address, your bank account number and routing number) is NOT shared with anyone. 

Oh, did I mention that there are no fees for sending money or receiving money with Zelle®?*

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