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iTalk Telebanking

Access Your Accounts with iTalkTM Telebanking

If Online and Mobile Banking are not for you, we offer iTalk Telebanking to access your Farmers Bank account information. All you have to do is call (888) 773-6232 with your account number and social security number. Once your account is verified, you can follow the automated prompts to access your account information.

iTalk Instructions


What You Can Access with iTalkTM Telebanking

  • Checking, Savings, and Money Market Account Information: Balance, posted deposits and withdrawals, checks cleared, ATM transactions, interest earned.
  • Certificate of Deposit Information: Balance, last interest payment or credit, accrued interest, and current or previous year-to-date interest earned.
  • Loan Account Information: Loan balance, date and amount of last payment, next payment amount and due date, interest paid year-to-date for current and previous years, and payoff amount and date.
  • Account Statement Email: Request an email of transactions on your account since your last statement.
  • Funds Transfer: You may transfer funds between any of your Farmers Bank accounts through iTalkTM Telebanking (no application or sign-up required). To transfer funds to or from someone else’s account (such as a child or business), download, print, and complete the funds transfer application and return or mail it to Farmers Bank.