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Safe and Strategic Donations

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Donating can be a great way to help show your support for a cause, organization or person. The problem is that it can be hard to know where it is and isn’t smart to donate. If you’re looking for a way to donate your money so it’ll get used as you intend, we’ve got some helpful tips.

Tip 1: Look at their background! This may seem obvious, but sometimes it takes more than just looking for a charity that supports the same cause as you. To make sure your money is being used effectively, look to see if you can find a breakdown of their finances or any examples of the work they’ve done. This way you can see real results instead of just hoping they’re following through on their promises.

Tip 2: Look at reviews! Look at what other people are saying. If the feedback is positive, with people who are proud of their donations, there’s a good chance you can feel safe donating as well.

Tip 3: Don’t fall for scams! Unfortunately, some people are looking to take advantage of your generosity. They’ll use names that are similar to those of large charities or claim to be charities when they’re not. If you get a call or email that you’re not sure you can trust, ask LOTS of questions and make sure to verify any information you’ve been given. You can always go straight to the charity’s site and donate there instead of by phone or email.

Tip 4: Know how to pay! This last tip is the most important for your personal financial safety. After you’ve done your research, the safest way to pay is by credit card or check. If the charity insists on other forms of payment, like a gift card, wire transfer or cryptocurrency, it might not be safe. You can also set up text alerts with us so you can be alerted to suspicious charges right away.

Follow these tips to have peace of mind when you give back to the community!


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