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Don’t Lose Your Money Looking for Love

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Social media and dating sites are popular ways to connect with others. However, some people use these sites to scam people. “Sweetheart scams” are on the rise, with fraudsters out to steal your heart – and your money.

How It Works:

Sweetheart scammers create fake online profiles and use various tactics to convince you they are “real” people who develop feelings for you. They may even make promises of love and marriage. After they’ve earned your trust, they ask you to send them money to help with an emergency or for a ticket to visit you. Don’t fall for it. These fraudsters are simply out to steal your money.

Spot a Scammer

Don’t fall victim to this love scam. Look for these warning signs that your “soulmate” is a fake:

  • The “relationship” quickly becomes romantic and serious
  • You never meet them in person, talk on the phone and/or video chat
  • They claim to live far away or to be stationed in the military
  • They ask to chat via personal email, text or another app
  • You notice frequent spelling and grammar mistakes, even though the person claims to be American
  • They tell you about emergencies or pressing hardships, such as medical bills, or claim they would visit you if only they had the money
  • They ask you to wire money, set up a bank account or provide them with your bank account information

Protect Yourself

Follow these tips to protect yourself from this and other scams:

  • Trust your gut. If something feels off, it probably is.
  • Ask a trusted friend or relative for their thoughts about a situation you are questioning.
  • Never send money or give your personal information (bank account, credit card, Social Security number, etc.) to someone you meet online.
  • Do not set up a bank account for someone you meet online.
  • Only connect with locals you can meet in person.


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