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Positive Pay

Positive Pay*

Check fraud can prove costly for a business owner. Not only does it deprive you of the money your business has earned, but it can cost you as you try and collect what you’re due. With Positive Pay, you can stop check fraud, verify your transactions and flag any potentially fraudulent activity.

See how you can benefit from Positive Pay.

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Advantages of Our Positive Pay

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• Reduces check fraud
• Reduce Errors
• Blocks non-authorized transactions to your account
• Review any outstanding check list at the end of each month
• Reduce administration time and processing costs

Benefits to Help Your Business Succeed!

Secure Your Assets. Increase Control. Streamline Business Operations.
Detect suspicious check activity. Reduce the risk of financial loss. Safeguard your company’s reputation.    Enhance visibility of check activity. Solidify internal controls. Reinforce audit trails. Minimize disruption to operations. Simplify account reconciliation. Automate accounts payable workflow. Save time by reviewing only exceptions.





Farmers Bank team approach includes dedicated specialists that will walk you
through a detailed training program along with continuous support. 



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Sales Support: Suzi Harper
Technical Support: eServices


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