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ACH Origination

Why Choose ACH Origination?

Gain insight and increased control over your payables processes, while dramatically increasing the efficiency of your disbursement operations. ACH (Automated Clearing House) Origination is highly secure online banking service that allows your business to more efficiently manage employee payroll through direct deposit and make ACH payments.

See how you can benefit from ACH Origination services.

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Advantages of Our ACH Origination

  • Manage receivables and payables more efficiently
  • Establish direct deposit to automate recurring payments such as accounts payable, employee payroll, expense reimbursement and dividend payments
  • Reduce costs and inefficiencies of producing checks
  • Set up direct payments to simplify the collection of recurring payments such as accounts receivable, service fees, rent, leases, tuition, membership dues, donations, etc.

Benefits to Help Your Business Succeed!

Electronic Payments Replace Checks. Tighter Security. Improved Cash Flow Control.
Eliminates or reduces check handling and reconciliation costs, while also enhancing fraud control measures.    Single sign on with secure token for all users. Company admin controls permissions to increase productivity securely. Cash inflow is accelerated by eliminating mail delays and reducing availability constraints associated with check processing.





Farmers Bank team approach includes dedicated specialists that will walk you
through a detailed training program along with continuous support. 



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Sales Support: Suzi Harper
Technical Support: eServices


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